Nabila Ernada is an Indonesian media artist and researcher. She is currently in her first year of the Social Design Masters program at Design Academy Eindhoven (NL). Previously, she earned a BA in Media Studies and completed a half-year residency at Fabrica Research Centre in Treviso (IT). She was trained as a communications specialist and social strategist at ID <love>

The Foot Guru
video game and interactive installation
Exhibited at Fabrica AW 22/23: here becomes elsewhere
Treviso, Italy

A multimedia installation that comments on the human desire to achieve effortless state of productivity and wellness. Specifically in new capitalism and post-digital economies, our esetoric and spiritual impulse turn to the promise of technological optimization. Through an interactive video game inspired by internet cultures and localized occult beliefs, visitors discover a surreal <<digital and real world>> consultation journey to discover themselves and heal. Visitors are able to control the video game through their sensorial play with their feet.

In the end, the installation is not to contest the growing ability of technology and how much it can push us further into the pool of society’s doom, but instead to show that it’s only human to heal and be seen. And how attainable it is by how much you’re willing to pay.