Nabila Ernada is an Indonesian media artist and researcher. She is currently in her first year of the Social Design Masters program at Design Academy Eindhoven (NL). Previously, she earned a BA in Media Studies and completed a half-year residency at Fabrica Research Centre in Treviso (IT). She was trained as a communications specialist and social strategist at ID <love>

Selected Published Research, Text and Projects
Narratives on Energy TransitionNarrative and Media ReportCASE Indonesia2023
Energy & Buildings for Climate Action Implementation Programme in Southeast Asia
Policy VideoC40 Cities 2022

Future of Education     Landscape ReportGoogle Education 2022
Indonesian Adolescents’ Perceptions of Front-of-Package Labels on Packaged Foods and Drinks
Label Design Research Global Alliance for Nutrition (GAIN)
Digital Campaign2022

Jakarta Rendah Emisi   Interactive WebsiteVital Strategies, Environment Agency of DKI Jakarta, +Jakarta2021
DAISY or The Dissemination of Abortion Incidence Study /Benang Merah Documentary and ResearchYayasan IPAS Indonesia, Guttmacher Institute and University of Indonesia2021
Digital Campaign     United Nations Information Centre

Mothers and Community NutritionPhoto-storyUN World Food Programme 2020
Kisah Sekolah Bawah Tanah

Game Design
World Food Programme Indonesia funded by Evolve Asia

IWD 2019: Women in Emergencies (1 & 11)ArticleUN World Food Programme2019